Bottling for third parties of eliquids:

10 ml - 20 ml - 30 ml - 40 ml - 50 ml - 60 ml

60ml-eliquid-bottleThe company MAD S.r.l. has been operating in the tertiary sector for quite some time now, and thanks to our bottling lines and know-how, we can work with many of the bottle- and cap types currently on the market, whilst our technical capacity for creating continuous feeds allows us to fit your lines with lines with bottles in glass or plastic materials in a very short turnaround time.

Service timings
Depending on your needs and the volumes required, we will be able to select what type of machinery to use, thereby guaranteeing an excellent price/performance ratio, and can also handle staggered productions over time and any urgent requests. 

Thanks to the experience we've gained over the past five years, we can direct our customers to fast and reliable suppliers for bottles, sleeves, labels, cardboard boxes and so on.

Traceability of products and batches
We have several product marking solutions for both traceability and as well as product information like the date of production and batch number. 

All of the products can then be stacked or shredded, for information about this we invite you to read the dedicated website section: Packaging for third parties.