MAD Srl was created as a support for businesses by maintaining and repairing their industrial machinery and equipment. Thanks to our many years' experience, we can guarantee a full and punctual service.

MAD also offers a design service for mechanical details and complex equipment or moulds for plastics, as well as designing ad hoc machines that are tailored to the special needs of the customers. Our technical studio uses the best 3D kinematics, design and analysis software available on the market.

The industrial maintenance, format changes and regeneration of used or out of date equipment are our forte, from electronic to electro-mechanical, as well as pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and mechatronic devices. After completing the regeneration phase we will also be able to provide CE certification for machinery.

Our technicians, with their demonstrable experience, are at your disposal for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of your production equipment in any sector, from the manufacturing sector (fillers, tapers, bottlers) to primary, secondary and tertiary packaging (from labelling equipment to printing and binding machinery (pre-pressers, developers, offset printing, linear cutters, pocket blades and knives, pick-ups and metal stitches, wire stitches, bobbin presses, bobbin presses, treadmills and trimmers) as well as ancillary equipment (compressors, vacuum pumps, blowers, tapes, rollers and transfer chains)

Other operating environments

MAD Srl can install and manage remote, simple and complex video surveillance devices and systems, even with remote control and logging units. Unifying and updating systems with various technologies like IP, copper or fibre, and composing videos will no longer be a problem!

Creating technology exhibitions for museums, fairs and events is the result of our vivacious expression combined with years of experience in various fields.

Fast interventions

Over the years, we have become aware of the need to provide our services quickly and that company equipment or production line shut downs cause additional costs through production losses, staff inactivity and delays in deliveries.

That's why we have been actively involved in providing timely interventions for repairs, or temporarily restoring the production cycle in the shortest possible time.